Old Trainer

The Old Trainer: Trim those fur coats in summer

DEAR OLD TRAINER: : Ruby, my 5-year old Sheltie, has a very thick coat and Merced gets hot in the summer. I think I should get her hair cut, but my boyfriend says a thick coat keeps a dog cool in the summer. Is that true? If not, should I get her trimmed?

Old Trainer

The Old Trainer: Two dogs are better than one

D ear Old Trainer: My 2-year-old blue heeler, Sadie, makes my life better every day, so I feel sad when I leave for work and she looks at me like she is the saddest dog in the world. I read where you recommend everyone have a second dog. Will a second dog keep Sadie from being lonely?


Jack Haskins: Training your pet may not be easy

DEAR OLD TRAINER: I save your columns to use in training Dude, my 1-year-old Shar-Pei. He starts off well and learns fast, but after a few minutes he quits concentrating and just wants to play. It sounds easy in your column, but I get frustrated because it’s a lot harder when I try it.

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