Atwater salary flap

04/13/2010 8:47 AM

12/13/2010 9:35 AM

We received a diverse selection of letters after a recent story about an Atwater resident who’s concerned with how much the city council is paid.


Here is a selection of them:


"Car Allowances... $700.00 sounds like a lot of money but if you do the math with the cost of fuel, insurance, maintenance etc. And the fact that some of our members traveled all over California promoting Atwater as a great place to open new businesses. I'm talking about Target and Tractor Supply just to name two, because Councilman Crabb traveled all over the state we added over 650 new jobs, thats a lot of people that have jobs and a lot of money coming in to our city. If we really want to talk about miss use of the cities money.. lets talk about the $150,000 spent to clean up a email mess. Thats a lot of money, your money and mine.
When you go to the meeting ask which Council members are taking advantage of The City of Atwater, I think you'll be surprised, or maybe not."

- Carol Shover, Atwater


"After reading your article on Atwater Council members compensation, I can conclude, it really isn't out of line. After all, when you factor in the numerous committees that each member serves on, and the many hours that is spent on research, their pay probably comes out to a little more than minimum wage.... What should be exposed to the public is the pay, we, Planning Commissioners receive on a monthly basis.. Although it hasn't changed in 25 years, each Planning Commissioner in Atwater gets $50.00 a month. That $50.00 covers transportation, cell phone usage, site inspections and pay for service .. Since we like to refer to ourselves as " public servants", I believe, we receive the correct compensation for our services. However, a small cost of living allowance every 25 years would be appreciated...."

- Fred Warchol, Atwater planning commissioner


"While not a resident of Atwater, I am a Californian and as such I am appalled by the rapacious gluttony of the Atwater City Council members. These are not “public servants.” Rather they are “served” a healthy plate full of “greens” every month by the public, in what appears to be a “get rich quick” scheme. They bring to mind a picture of hogs slopping at a trough. Unfortunately, in this case, it is a trough of the council’s own making and the Atwater taxpayers must provide the slop."

- Helen Zuercher, Merced


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