January 13, 2011

UC Merced scientist helps in discovery of new jellyfish

Scientists at UC Merced and the Dauphin Island Sea Lab discovered a new family of jellyfish floating around the Gulf of Mexico.

The discovery of 'Drymonema larsoni,' otherwise known as the "Pink Meanie," represents the first "true jellyfish" found since 1921.

"It's rare that something like this could escape the notice of scientific research for so long," said Keith Bayha, a Sea Lab scientist, in a press release.

Bayha worked with Michael Dawson of UC Merced on researching the bulbous sea creature. Pink Meanies are rare, but a bloom of the giant jellyfish occured in 2000 in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

The discovery was the cover story in the most recent edition of "The Biological Bulletin," a science journal.

Read more: The Biological Bulletin

Press release: Dauphin Island scientists discover new jellyfish species

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