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Almond orchards and cows, with a few people living among them, are all that's left of the little town of Amsterdam. I spent some time there Friday afternoon as Belgian filmmakers Rob Rombout and Rogier van Eck filmed a portion of their documentary, "called "Amsterdam Stories USA." The film tells the story of people living in the 16 American towns that share the "Amsterdam" name.

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Sarah Lim at the Merced County Courthouse Museum e-mailed a couple pages of the book "Ghost Towns of Merced County," by Herb Wood. According to the book:

-- The town of Amsterdam (in North Merced County, along Oakdale Road just off Highway 59), was once four blocks by six blocks, with a library, school, store and post office. The library remained in operation until 1987.

-- The community was settled by Dutch workers who helped build Lake Yosemite and irrigation canals throughout Merced County, the book said.

-- A post office was established in Amsterdam in 1893 and was shuttered when it merged with the Merced Post Office in 1925.

-- Merchants in the area included a cheese maker and a blacksmith in the 1920s.

-- An epidemic of hoof-and-mouth disease forced a temporary closure of Amsterdam School in 1923 when a dead calf was found on school grounds.

Readers were also happy to share details about the old town. A man left a message on my voice mail over the weekend to say he still had his class photos from the two-room Amsterdam School in 1929 and 1930. A female caller said the remnants of a "small Dutch home" could still be found on her daughter's Amsterdam ranch. In the comments section beneath the story, a reader who goes by the handle "Erod1944" recalled learning how to drive in a 1956 Volkswagen Beetle on Amsterdam-area canal banks in the 1960s. Another reader, "AntelopeSteve," said that Amsterdam is home to several dairies, a calf ranch, turkey ranch and peach trees.

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