September 23, 2011

'Off the 99' podcast: Meet Pakistani journalist Javaria Tareen

Meet Pakistani journalist Javaria Tareen. She's visiting Merced and the Sun-Star this month as part of an exchange program through the International Center for Journalists based in Washington, DC. She and other Pakistani journalists have come to the US for one month to various newsrooms to see how American media works and reports. Javaria is from Quetta, a city in southwestern Balochistan, which is the largest province in Pakistan.

She works for the country’s largest Urdu-language daily newspaper, the Daily Jang, where she writes stories on gender issues. She spoke with reporters Ameera Butt and Mike North on her first impressions of the United States and Merced, what stories she’s written for the Daily Jang, her thoughts on American media, Pakistani food -- and hunting.

Download the audio file.

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