October 5, 2011

Denham applauds $142M fed money to build Fresno and Redding veterans homes

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Rep. Jeff Denham, member of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, applauds the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (USDVA) for providing The California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet) $142 million for construction of the Fresno and Redding Veterans Homes.

Denham, who served in the Air Force for 16 years, worked as chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee in the State Senate to ensure these homes are constructed and opened. In July, Denham sent a letter to Secretary Shinseki asking him to uphold the Memorandum of Agreement to provide funding for the construction, opening and operation of these homes.

“We cannot place the burden of our financial crisis on the backs of our Veterans,” Denham said in a news release. “Providing the funds for the construction of the Fresno and Redding homes is one step to ensure that our veterans are receiving the care they deserve. I look forward to working to make sure these homes are open as soon as possible.”

Funding for the Fresno and Redding veterans homes will provide increased care for our veterans, as well as create at least 400 jobs in the Fresno area, according to the California Department of Veterans Affairs.

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