February 3, 2012

Loose Lips: Denham loses bid for 'date'

It was a match made in the Valley: One was a strapping blonde-haired, blue-eyed farmer-turned-politician; the other, a successful businessman and racehorse owner. They were supposed to meet in the U.S. Capitol Building for the hottest show in town: President Barack Obama's State of the Union address.

But the meeting apparently never happened.

Jeff Denham, the Republican congressman representing Mariposa County, had reached out to Merced Democrat Dennis Cardoza to sit with him during the nonpartisan "No Labels" event. More than 180 congressmen participated in the movement -- dubbed "Date Night" by the national press -- but poor Jeff Denham had to go stag.

We heard later on that Cardoza elected instead to sit with his daughter, Elaina. We're not sure, however, if she's a Republican or a Democrat.

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