February 26, 2012

Four inmates received minor injuries during search of Merced County Jail

Four inmates at the Merced County Main Jail received minor injuries when they were shot with less-than-lethal bean bag rounds during a search of their cells Friday night, the Merced County Sheriff's Department said. Blocks 3 and 4 at the jail were the subject of a search Friday night by SWAT and SERT officials. A total of 84 inmates were in the cell blocks at the time.

Four inmates didn't follow instructions to get on the ground, and were shot with the bean bags, the sheriff's department said. They received minor injuries and were treated by medical staff before being returned to their cells.

All inmates were handcuffed and taken to the security scanner chair, where they were searched for weapons, drugs and contraband.

A dart was found in the jail that could have been used in an assault against staff or other inmates, according to the sheriff's department.

No other injuries were reported.

- Brandon Bowers

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