New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a nanny state do-gooder.

06/12/2012 10:17 PM

06/12/2012 10:22 PM

Instead of concerning himself with unemployment, crime and job creation, his focus is on regulating big gulps and slushies. Does this mean that daiquiris and margaritas will be restricted? They are basically slushies with liquor. Maybe Bloomberg should discuss this issue further with Michelle Obama during cocktail hour before the next fundraiser.

As for 32-ounce cups of sodas, if the cup is filled with ice there is actually only about 16 ounces of soda in it. Are New Yorkers therefore in compliance with the law if the cup is filled with ice?

Can a New Yorker go into a 7-11 with his own 32-ounce mug, buy two 16-ounce sodas and then simply fill his mug to the top? They did legally purchase two 16-ounce sodas?

I guess they could just use two of the 16-ounce 7-11 cups, take them outside and simply fill their mug and throw the cups away, but that would not be environmentally friendly.

These are important questions that need to be addressed as Bloomberg strives to be my big brother and regulate my drinking habits.



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