June 1, 2014

Challengers raise more than incumbent in District 3 supervisor race

A look at the campaign finances of District 3 Supervisor Linn Davis and his three challengers, as well as Merced County treasurer-tax collector Karen Adams and her competitor.

In the race for Merced County District 3 supervisor, incumbent Linn Davis raised the least amount of money, with two of his opponents raising nearly three times as much in contributions.

Davis raised $10,838.29 since Jan. 1, 2014, according to records filed with the Merced County elections office. Challengers Daron McDaniel and Tony Dossetti began campaign fundraising in 2013, with McDaniel raising a combined $28,602 in 2013 and 2014. Dossetti raised $27,872.90 during the same time period.

In the Merced County treasurer-tax collector race, incumbent Karen Adams got an early start, raising $17,386 in 2014. Records show her challenger, Richard St. Marie, raised $8,538.28.

In the District 3 supervisor’s race, McDaniel reported raising $16,498 and spending $12,168.52 in 2014. His campaign raised $1,626 in the first filing period from January to March. His biggest contributors were BNI Mortgage Advisors and Greg Hostetler, a rancher and developer, each donating $500 apiece.

McDaniel’s campaign gained speed in the second filing period from March to May, receiving $14,872. Among his largest contributions were $5,000 from Granville Home Inc. and $1,000 from Brian Gini, vice president of Collins Electrical Co.

McDaniel also raised $12,104 and spent $11,738.81 in 2013, according to records. In the first half of the year, McDaniel’s campaign reported receiving $11,504. The biggest contributions included $3,000 from Hilltop Ranch, $1,000 from Hunter Farms and $1,000 from Jeff Denham’s 2014 campaign for lieutenant governor.

McDaniel is employed as a congressional aide to Rep. Jeff Denham, R-Turlock. Records indicate McDaniel also received $600 from July 2013 to December 2013.

Dossetti raised $10,052.25 in 2014, according to records. The expenditures for his campaign were $16,665.33. During the first filing period, Dossetti’s contributions were $4,189.88, which included a loan for $649.88. His biggest contributions came from photographer Steven Margaretic and attorney Ken Robbins, who each donated $500.

In the second filing period, Dossetti received $5,862.37, including a $2,362.37 loan. The Peace Officers Research Association of California gave the biggest chunk of change with a $1,500 contribution. Two other unions each contributed $500 – the IBEW Local 684, which represents electrical workers in Merced County, and the Operating Engineers Local 3.

Dossetti began his fundraising efforts in 2013, receiving contributions of $17,820.65 from Jan. 1, 2013, to Dec. 31, 2013. His campaign spent $8,695.65 in 2013.

From Jan. 1, 2013, to June 30, 2013, Dossetti raised $3,193.27, including a $1,245.27 loan. His biggest monetary contribution was $500 in June 2013 from Brenda Callahan-Johnson, executive director of the Merced Community Action Agency.

In the second half of 2013, Dossetti reported raising $14,627.38, including a loan in the amount of $3,544. His largest contribution was $1,000 from Norcal Carpenters Regional during that time period.

Davis raised $10,838.29 in 2014. The campaign’s expenditures were $6,915.20.

In the first filing period from January to March, Davis’ contributions were $6,938.29, including his own monetary contribution of $1,698.29. The contributions included a $5,000 loan from his wife, Mary Davis.

In the second filing period from March to May, Davis received $3,900, but $3,000 came from another loan from Mary Davis. The largest monetary contribution of $500 came from William M. Schill, who is listed as a stay-at-home dad.

William Snyder III, who is also challenging Davis in the primary election, reported $12,670 raised in 2014, about $1,800 from the first filing period of January to March. Snyder has two contributors – $1,000 from himself and $800 from his treasurer, Maria Marquez.

Snyder’s camp reported raising $10,870 in the second filing period with the same two contributors: $10,000 from himself and $870 from Marquez.

An itemized list of Snyder’s campaign expenditures was not completed for either filing period.

Snyder also reported receiving $500 from Marquez in November 2012 for his campaign; he spent $450 that month on filing fees.

Adams, Merced County treasurer-tax collector, raised $17,386 and spent $16,047. In the first filing period, running from January to March, her campaign contributions amounted to $2,000. The biggest contributor was herself, kicking in $1,000 to the campaign.

Adams raised the most money in the second filing period from March to May, $15,386. The biggest contributors were $1,000 from Robin Piro, an administrator at Merced College, and $1,500 from Micky Lenahan, an accountant at Spinardi & Jones.

St. Marie, the Merced treasurer-tax collector candidate, did not file financial disclosure forms during the first filing period, according to the Merced County elections office. St. Marie didn’t file to run for office until March 6 and didn’t establish a bank account for his contributions until March 26, the end of the filing period.

Candidates are required to establish an account for their committees if they raise more than $1,000, officials said.

“I didn’t qualify as a committee until after the filing date,” St. Marie said. “Had I filed back in January to run for office and had I raised more than $1,000, I would have qualified to fill out the first disclosure form.”

During the second filing period, St. Marie raised $8,538.28 and spent $8,498.89. His biggest contribution was $2,000 from his parents, William and Mary St. Marie. He kicked in $3,533.79 of his own funds.

St. Marie also reported a late contribution of $1,000 in May from the Merced County Public Employees Union Local 1, which represents 308 clerical employees. The union announced its endorsement of St. Marie in April.

The primary election will held June 3. The next filing deadline for candidates’ financial disclosure forms is July 31, according to officials.

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