June 13, 2014

Merced County marriages (06/14/14)

Merced County marriage information.

Kayla Witt, Sandy, and Joseph Viskochil, Salt Lake City, June 3

Victor Calderon Ramirez and Martina Zuniga, Merced, June 3

Phylicia Jones and Nathan Harper, Stevinson, June 3

Mike Autry and Debra Stephenson, Merced, June 3

Raquel Marquez and Alonso Flores-Viramontes, Merced, June 3

Osvaldo Montes and Mayra Perez, Atwater, June 4

Sarah Marques and Robert Thommen, Los Banos, June 4

Jacquyn Wescott and Leroy Lopez, Atwater, June 4

Sonia Corona and Rafael Ureste, Livingston, June 4

Charles Koontz and Brittany Parton, Delhi, June 4

Ashlyn Hawes and Jacquelyn Moreno, Merced, June 5

Marcela Pacheco and Juan Soriano, Merced, June 5

Jonathan Swarthout and Ariena Lopez, Los Banos, June 6

Ryan Swartwood and Chio Saetern, Northridge , June 6

Marlena Kaiser, Salinas, and Jordan Hunt, Adin, June 6

Norkeo Sely, Merced, and Thidavone Sayasone, Atwater, June 6

Destiny Anderson, and Steven Turner, Merced, June 6

Kenneth Rosas and Hilda Herrera, Merced, June 6

Irma Solorio Oregel and Sergio Prado Diaz, Merced, June 6

Richard Zamudio Jr. and Kimberly Torres, Merced, June 6

Charlene Diaz and Jason West, Merced, June 6

Lisa Barberi and Martin Baraldi, Atwater, June 9

Cesar Munoz and Ryan Montoya, Merced, June 9

Woodrow Wheeler and Sarah Trujillo, Ceres, June 9

Christopher Weaver and Mariah Marquette, Atwater, June 9

Elena Castro and Daniel Ryan, Merced, June 9

Beverly Condon and Thomas Piedmont, Merced, June 9

Maria Martinez Espinoza and Panfilo Pineda Velazquez, Los Banos, June 10

Ruben Sicairos Jr. and Yesenia Rodriguez, Atwater, June 10

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