Los Banos

September 13, 2013

Community Development Director resigns

Los Banos Community Director Paula Fitzgerald resigned her position on Sept 6, according to city officials.

Fitzgerald was put on paid administrative leave back in July, and since then, Assistant Planner Stacy Elms has taken over Fitzgerald’s responsibilities, alongside her own.

The reasons behind the resignation have not been made public. When asked about the resignation, City Manager Steve Carrigan said it is a "personnel matter" that he can't discuss any further.

"I do have a comment in regards to my expectations of city employees," Carrigan stated in a press release. "I do not expect city employees to raise their standards. I expect city employees to be the standard for character, integrity, and work ethic. I am making this statement because I do not want there to be any misunderstanding of where I am setting the bar. My assessment of the workforce at the City of Los Banos is that we have an outstanding group of dedicated workers and I look forward to working with each one of them to move the city forward."

Fitzgerald's position pays a little more than $140,000 annually, Carrigan said. He also said the position is currently vacant. "We're looking at all of our options,” he said. "We haven‘t made a decision just yet."

Chairperson for the city's Planning Commission, Tracey Rosin said the city failed to notify the commission that Fitzgerald was put on leave back in July.

"It's really difficult as a planning commissioner to understand the course of this action that resulted in her resignation,” Rosin said. "No one gave us the professional courtesy to know. Paula was a very loyal, dedicated, hard worker for the City of Los Banos. It doesn’t make sense that she would just resign."

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