Los Banos pair proves that couple that trains together stays together

02/07/2014 4:15 PM

02/07/2014 4:25 PM

If you sneak a peek inside the cardio-room at the Los Banos Fitness and Racquet Club on Wednesday nights you will find married couple Crissey and John Maldonado working out side-by-side.

Crissey Maldonado, 54, and John Maldonado, 57, have been working out together for the past 10 years. The Maldonados have been married for 27 years and share three children together.

Staying actively fit may be one of the reasons why they work out but ultimately spending time together is what they truly love. “We try to help each other out,” John Maldonado said. His wife agreed with a smile.

Cardio kick-boxing is just one form of exercise they share together as well as different actives they enjoy separately. “My priority is cardiovascular,” he said. “We try to keep a good health and at our age it’s more demanding.”

Sometimes Maldonado will work on toning while his wife works out on the elliptical or walks the treadmill. She loves that he helps her familiarize herself with different workout equipment.

Encouraging one another to stay fit and eat a healthy diet is top priority, the couple said. “He’s very encouraging,” Crissey Maldonado said of her husband. “He’s always pushing me to come to the gym.”

The couple said their secret to a healthy marriage is having “a lot of patience towards each other, trust and the faith of god.”

Crissey’s favorite attribute about her husband is that he’s there for her whenever she might need him and most of all his desire to live a long and healthy lifestyle. “By us working out all of our kids have taken the same path,” he said. “We set the example for them and hopefully they will continue to follow our path, and so far, so good.”

With a busy work schedule and three kids to be with, the Maldonados also take time for themselves, even enjoying a glass of red wine occasionally.

John Maldonado said his wife’s big heart is what he loves the most about his wife. “She’s such a small person with a big heart,” he said. “She’s really shown me that family is the most important thing. That probably will keep our marriage together.”

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