Los Banos

February 21, 2014

Los Banos community theater entertains

Theater group performs ‘Revenge’ play

Part improv, part love story and part farce, “Scapino’s Revenge: Revival” entertained the masses at the Ted Falsco Arts Center during the weekend.

Robert Jerome wrote and directed the play, which was performed Friday and Saturday nights and featured a cast of 23.

Jerome said the show is one of the best he’s done in Los Banos. “It has a lot of improv, high energy and crazy dancing,” he said. “You’re dealing with classical material and modern material. It’s very interesting.”

“I can’t tell you how anxious I am to perform,” said Benny Garcia, who had the lead role of Scapino. “Everybody around here is such an inspiration. This is my first show. I’ve never done this before.”

Garcia’s character is a servant/slave who is mistreated and decides to fight back. Meanwhile, Flavio, a very effeminate male who throws glitter, captures the romantic interest of Columbina, Isabella and Snookiana. Carl Schmeil played Il Dottore, Flavio’s father. Schmeil, who described his character as being similar to Frasier from the TV comedy “Cheers,” said he had fun stepping away from his normal life as a high school math teacher into the world of community theater.

“I did theater in college,” he said. “It’s been awhile but it’s coming back to me.”

The play features interactions with the audience, pop-culture references and purposely silly costumes.

Schmeil said he believes Jerome’s productions are a good opportunity for local residents to see theater that they would normally have to travel to Merced to experience.

“In Merced, you’re not really going to have a connection to it. Here, you got local people doing it, which is really kind of fun,” Schmeil said.

“Scapino’s Revenge: Revival” was also performed in Hollister recently.

Jerome is planning a production of “The Hobbit” in March and is looking forward to hosting a children’s camp this summer.

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