Los Banos

March 28, 2014

Students learn perils of drinking and driving

On March 20 and March 21, "Every 15 Minutes" was held on campus. It is a program staged about every other year in Los Banos to shock students into making mature decisions and shows the impact the bad choice would have on their families and others.

Los Banos High School held a two-day program last week challenging juniors and seniors to think twice about drinking and driving.

Every 15 Minutes is designed to shock students into making mature decisions by showing them the impact their bad choices would have on their families and others.

A mock crash was staged March 20 behind the school’s multipurpose building and a mock memorial followed March 21 inside the building.

Throughout the two days, every 15 minutes, students and teachers were taken out of classes to represent the lives lost to drunken driving.

The program included students talking to a parent who had lost a child because of drunken driving.

“I was 17 years old in high school once too. The difference between my generation and yours is the lack of communication between teens, parents and society,” said Ray Flores.

Some students became emotional during the program.

“Even though I know it is fake, it could happen ... it makes me sad,” Kylee Cardoza said.

The program is held every two years at Los Banos and Pacheco high schools.

The California Highway Patrol and Los Banos Police Department assist with delivering the message of not drinking and driving.

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