Los Banos

April 25, 2014

Art teacher’s paintings hang in the library

Los Banos High School teacher Laura Corben uses oil, acrylic and watercolors to paint nature settings. Her artwork will hang in the Los Banos Library in May.

Admiring the landscape from her backyard is where local artist Laura Corben draws up inspiration to paint.

The Los Banos High School teacher lives in the country and uses nature to paint delicate scenery.

Corben’s oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings will be on display at the Los Banos Library throught May.

“People that don’t live in the country want to feel closer to nature, and so they like having pictures of nature in their home,” she said. “And even if you live in the country, it awakens your awareness of what is there.”

Corben, a native of San Francisco, attended the San Francisco Art Institute and, shortly after, traveled to such places as New Mexico, New York, Woodstock, India and all over the West Coast.

She spent 12 years in Eugene Ore., later returning to Northern California, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in painting and drawing at California State University, San Jose.

She soon completed her teaching credential and has been teaching for nearly 20 years at Los Banos High School; she is set to retire later this year. “I never would have learned as much without being a teacher,” she said.

Many of Corben’s paintings are scenes from her second home, in Mendocino County. A few are from places in Los Banos, including a painting of a farmhouse that will remain in the library.

Also on display are Corben’s travel sketch books. Corben plans to retire in Mendocino County and continue to paint the scenery around her.

For more information on Corben’s artwork, stop by the Los Banos Library at 1312 Seventh St. and pick up her business card.

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