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07/18/2014 12:00 AM

07/20/2014 3:06 PM

Thanks to Save Mart, community

The Los Banos Skeeters softball organization, formerly the Los Banos Tigers, would like to extend a very warm thank you to Roy Torres, Steve Marques, the staff of Save Mart and the community of Los Banos for your overwhelming support the weekend of July 12-13 for fundraising efforts for travel and room expenses for the 2014 16U Western Nationals.

Your support will go a long way in helping the Los Banos Skeeters support our youth to higher education through athletics. The Skeeters are the only organization in Los Banos with high school coaches and current college athletes on their coaching staffs. The focus of the organization is to teach the finer aspects of softball to young women, then to provide them with a solid platform to display these skills throughout the region.

Thanks again to every member of our community who participated in this fundraiser, congratulations to our three winners and a special thank-you to Save Mart. Your support of our youth is to be commended.

Ed Monroe, The Los Banos Skeeters 16U Softball Team

Grace Taylor inspired at Pacheco

Regarding the recent article “New Pacheco principal looks to fit in”: We noticed there was an omission of the tenure of Grace Taylor as interim principal at Pacheco High School. Important and fitting as it is to highlight the career of Brett Lee at PCH, one cannot overlook or discount the 11/2tenure of Grace Taylor.

She was the unmistakeable “glue” that held together the spirit of PCH created by Brett Lee. Her persistent hope that Mr. Lee would be returning inspired students.

Ken and Laurel Heaton, Los Banos

Laying blame in border battle

Obama has accused the GOP of being responsible for the problems at the border. For years, the GOP has refused to pass immigration reform because it did not allow for securing our borders as the first step in stopping illegal immigration.

​The area near the border is very violent and corrupt and has one of the highest murder rates on a per capita basis than any area in the world. Because of our open borders, hundreds of millions of dollars in drugs come into this country every year.

They don’t want to go to prison there, so many of their criminals cross the border into this country. In the last 30 years, at least 10 million illegal immigrants have crossed the border and at only 1 percent, that is 100,000 more criminals in this country. I blame the Democrats for not insisting that the borders be secure.

David Silva, Los Banos

Bias rears head at council meeting

At the City Council meeting on July 2, when the topic of district voting began to be discussed and the public was allowed to voice their opinions, the comments degraded into racially charged attacks. I was quickly taken aback and soon became physically ill at what I was hearing. I am sad to report that prejudice is alive and well in our city. I cannot sit quietly any longer and watch such things take place. Instead of anger toward one another, we should try compassion. Instead of judging other people by the color of their skin, we should get to know one another enough to see what is in their hearts.

I long for the day when we see each other like God sees us, according to what is in our heart and not where we come from or what we look like.

Stephen Hammond, senior pastor, Bethel Community Church

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