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Here are all the members of Congress who are boycotting Trump’s inauguration

A small but growing group of congressmen and women have announced they will not attend President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, breaking with generations of past precedent.

Politics & Government

Kremlin worries that Trump won’t be such a great deal after all, officials say

Controversies over alleged Putin-ordered hacking to help the president-elect and a leaked dossier claiming the Kremlin has blackmail material on him has transfixed Washington, where a bill to impose even harsher sanctions on Russia is gaining bipartisan support. The backlash appears to have forced many of Trump’s Cabinet picks to take tougher lines on Russia in their confirmation hearings than the Kremlin anticipated, officials in Moscow said.

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Even Mitch McConnell now says repealing Obama’s rules alone won’t bring back coal

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said rolling back Obama administration’s environmental rules wouldn’t entirely bring back the coal industry in eastern Kentucky. McConnell told McClatchy in an interview that lawmakers in Congress would work with the incoming Trump administration to “remove as many of the government impediments as possible and give the coal industry a chance to survive.”

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Trump’s EPA pick won’t guarantee California’s right to tougher auto emission rules

Scott Pruitt, the Oklahoma attorney general tapped by Donald Trump to head the EPA, has long advocated giving states greater control over environmental decisions. But under questioning from senators, including Kamala Harris of California, Pruitt on Wednesday declined to say whether he’d continue to grant California waivers to enact automobile emissions standards stronger than those of the federal government.

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10 promises Trump made for his first day

Behind in the polls in late October, Donald Trump ventured to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to give American voters a "contract" detailing what he would achieve during his first day in office. Beneath a list of 18 major actions was the flourish of Trump's familiar signature and a blank space for voters to sign.


Donald Trump protesters get rowdy in Fresno

Protesters with signs and flags shout outside the Donald Trump rally at Selland Arena on May 27, 2016. WARNING: Graphic language.
Eric Paul Zamora ezamora@fresnobee.com
Donald Trump protesters get rowdy in Fresno 1:00

Donald Trump protesters get rowdy in Fresno

John Pedozo, Merced County District 1 incumbent 3:22

John Pedozo, Merced County District 1 incumbent

Rodrigo Espinoza, Merced County District 1 candidate 3:37

Rodrigo Espinoza, Merced County District 1 candidate

Putting Trump's protests in perspective 1:32

Putting Trump's protests in perspective