July 27, 2013

The Buzz: On The Daily Show, Leticia Perez just says no to Congress

As consolation prizes go, appearing on a wildly popular TV show isn't too shabby.

As consolation prizes go, appearing on a wildly popular TV show isn't too shabby.

Kern County Supervisor Leticia Perez threw in the towel on Wednesday in a vigorously fought race for a Central Valley Senate seat, conceding to Republican Andy Vidak. The election got national media coverage.

On Thursday, Perez got another moment in the national spotlight, appearing in a segment of "The Daily Show," Comedy Central's satirical news program.

And it turns out that, while her bid to serve in the state Legislature fell short, Perez wasn't losing any sleep over whether to run for Congress.

A "Daily Show" segment on aspiring young politicians in an era of congressional dysfunction includes a sit-down interview with Perez, taped nearly a month before Tuesday's election. She recounts being contacted by the Democratic National Committee, told she is a "rising star" and enticed with an offer to run for Congress.

"I had to say no," Perez says, adding that she did so "resoundingly."

"It's no secret there is remarkable gridlock in D.C.," she expands. "I don't want to be at a place where I have a good, fancy title but I'm not actually able to deliver for people."

– Jeremy B. White


The extra state aid flowing to California's school districts after a half-decade of cutbacks is a "credit positive," Moody's Investors Service said Friday, while cautioning officials against overspending. It notes that under Gov. Jerry Brown's plan, all districts will receive more, but those with large numbers of poor, English-learner students will receive markedly more.

– Dan Walters


"It's a lesson learned. It's not gonna happen again."

STEVE WHITMORE, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office spokesman, to the Los Angeles Times, after a comedian performing at a law enforcement event including Sheriff Lee Baca unleashed a series of off-color, racist jokes

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