October 4, 2013

The Buzz: Mailer praises Assembly speaker, but why?

A glossy, multipage mailer praises the efforts of Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez at health care reform.

Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez gazes into the distance in the glossy, multipage mailer, which praises his efforts at health care reform.

“Thank you, Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez,” it says.

A reader might assume that he’s gearing up to run for statewide office, given that the piece landed far outside his Los Angeles district.

Lisa Maas , executive director of Californians Allied for Patient Protection , which paid for the mailer, said it did so to promote allies in a statewide education effort.

The mailer says in passing that the group spends much of its resources protecting the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act of 1975, which caps jury awards in malpractice suits.

At least one similar piece went out on behalf of Sen. Jim Beall , D-San Jose.

“These are not political pieces,” Maas said. “You can be sure we are doing the correct disclosures and doing everything right.”

Consumer Watchdog is gathering signatures for an initiative to lift the cap.

The mailer “is definitely a communication designed to let legislators know they are watched and that their constituents can be reached,” said its president, Jamie Court .

– Christopher Cadelago

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