The Buzz: Obama 'birther' critic Orly Taitz files against Kamala Harris in California race for attorney general

02/19/2014 4:50 PM

02/19/2014 8:40 PM

‘Birther’ files to run for attorney general

Last month, Orly Taitz was in a federal courtroom in Sacramento as part of her ongoing unsuccessful effort to wrest the presidency away from Barack Obama.

In June, the attorney-dentist-real estate agent from Orange County might appear on the statewide ballot opposite California Attorney General Kamala Harris. Taitz, who secured 3 percent of the vote in her U.S. Senate run in 2012, has filed initial paperwork to seek the state’s top law enforcement position via an unknown party.

She is widely known for trying to document her belief that Obama lied about his birthplace and therefore is ineligible to serve as commander in chief. Among the pledges listed on her campaign website: Nullification of unconstitutional spying on law-abiding state residents and ending the “unconstitutional discriminatory Obamacare tax levied on some of the citizens of CA and waived for corporations.”

Harris, a Democrat with more than $3 million on hand, said she isn’t taking anything for granted ahead of the filing deadline.

“I am superstitious. I really am,” she said Wednesday. “Let’s have this conversation after March 7.”

– Christopher Cadelago

Worth repeating

“I do apologize for my poor choice of words.”

JOE BACA, former congressman from Rialto who called fellow Democrat Gloria Negrete McLeod, 72, “a bimbo” Tuesday after Negrete McLeod announced she would not run for re-election to Congress.

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