December 18, 2012

Richard Kleiman: County Board of Supervisors Board should shop Merced too

The Merced County Board of Supervisors wants me to "Shop Merced." Now it's time for them to Shop Merced. This Riggs Ambulance issue should not be decided on a 4- or 5-point difference out of 360 or so points. I don't know much about the ambulance business, but it would be my guess that Riggs hires people from Merced, has its ambulances serviced here, buys tires here and so on. Certainly it pays its taxes here, as do its employees.

Concerning the Pazin Meyers issue: If it had lost the contract to another local provider, it would be just business and best bid wins.

However, failure to fill out some form after years of faithful service is just not reasonable justification for going out of county for fuel service.

I shop Merced. Now it's time for the supervisors to do the same.



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