January 23, 2013

CORY BOGGS: Riggs is the Lance Armstrong of ambulance services

Riggs and Lance Armstrong have something in common. It appears Riggs ambulance has the same problem as Armstrong: an uncontrollable drive to win at all cost, an inability to tell the truth and a team of attack dogs to go after anyone who questions their honesty. From Day One of Riggs losing the ambulance contract bid, we have seen nothing but a string of downright false statements coming from Riggs' spin team. Claiming they are operated locally when they are not, claiming AMR will not hire Riggs EMTs and paramedics when they will, stating Riggs provides critical care transports when they don’t, arguing Riggs does not underserve the north county and call on other operators to cover their area when they do and trying to claim the process was flawed when it wasn't. I have a feeling if Riggs wins the contract, Oprah may be coming to do a "come clean" interview in Merced County.


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