January 23, 2013

RENEE PENA: Negative feedback ignored

As a proverbial sign of the times, AMR-Merced County has a Facebook page. They have been sponsoring some of their posts so, even though I have not "liked" their page, nonetheless, their posts find their way onto my page. Today, I noticed AMR-MC sponsored a picture of the state's letter rejecting Riggs. I also noticed 3 comments. I clicked to read them but only one popped up. Of course, it was a very positive message. I got a little curious and asked, via leaving a comment, if AMR-MC is deleting negative comments. I also mentioned my experience with Riggs that I attribute to their nonprofit status.

I also asked if their company would harass an uninsured patient. It is my opinion that a good business addresses negative comments and all questions. It is AMR-MC's responsibility to build confidence in our community.

Instead of addressing my questions, my comment was deleted and I was blocked from leaving anything further. I usually remain inactive in situations such as these, but I will make sure the supervisor representing my district knows exactly how I now feel. Thank you, AMR-MC for making up my mind.


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