January 23, 2013

DARREN BARFIELD: Rates likely to rise anyway

What's going to happen if the Board of Supervisors votes against AMR on January 29? Riggs contract extension will run out, and the county will be forced to sign a longer extension. And given that SEMSA-Riggs has already indicated on the record that what they charge today is not enough to stay profitable, it is highly likely -- if not a certainty -- that they will raise the rates they charge, likely to what AMR proposed or maybe even more. The residents of Merced County need an answer from the company now, not after the vote takes place.

SEMSA-Riggs' CEO has admitted in your paper that he is ceding operational control to an out-of-state company. Why should we let a Reno-based corporation dictate what happens with our emergency services 250 miles away?



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