Letters to the Editor

Henry Strength: How will Warnke do all this?

I have the utmost respect for Suzzette Norris and I have no problem with her becoming undersheriff. She has the qualifications for the position. But I have some concerns how Sheriff’s candidate Vern Warnke is going to address the issue of enhancing officer and public safety when he wants to put patrol on 10-hour shifts, which puts fewer officers on patrol, and will drastically affect the citizens of the county. His plans for towers at the jail facility are great, but where are these extra correctional officers coming from to staff them? They are already understaffed, since they’re mandated to work overtime just to fill shifts.

Letters to the Editor

Bob Nutcher: McDaniel has common sense

One of the responsibilities of a county supervisor is to oversee and approve the county’s budget. When choosing your elected leaders, one only has to look at both candidates pre-election statements filed for their campaigns. Tony Dosetti reported $10,520 in outstanding debts – money he has loaned himself to fund his campaign. Daron McDaniel reported no outstanding debts and has funded his campaign through community support. McDaniel has met his budget by raising money to meet his goals. This is the leadership we need. Common sense solutions and a work ethic that gets out and makes things happen. We need new voices to lead this county forward, not the same “good ol’ boys.” I encourage you to vote for Daron McDaniel for Merced County Supervisor District 3.

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