Mike Biddison: Republicans have lied so much, even Obama buys it

10/03/2012 8:54 PM

10/03/2012 9:05 PM

I can’t remain silent any longer. I don’t have $200 million to plunk down to sway opinion, I only have 200 words.

The writer of “Another four years of Obama would be disastrous” (Letters, Sept. 25) quotes conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham, pleading for Republicans to start over. I agree. You need to purge yourselves of the liars and the spoilers.

Equating Barack Obama with evil is simply ludicrous. Ineffectual, I would agree with. The man has tried to please too many ideologues.

It seems even the administration has bought the big republican lie that supporters have abandoned the president because his policies were too "liberal," when in fact he has continued with too many Bush policies and people.

Instead of compromise, he should have kicked butt! Drone killings without trial continue. No one should have that power.

But let's be clear: job creation programs have been stonewalled by the Republican Congress. In another tome, Oprah Winfrey is taken by Mitt Romney's honesty.

The candidate, when confronted by numerous fact checkers about the veracity of his attack ads, says they are spot on. It's the Republican strategy of repeating the lie so often, even your opponents believe it!



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