Letters to the Editor

February 22, 2013

Maryann McKissick: Church needs to face facts

Catholic apologists are at it again. These robed public relations promoters are trying to bury the horrific criminal acts thousands of priests committed throughout the world. Rape and brutal sodomizing torture of untold numbers of innocents is euphemistically being characterized as "molestation," supposedly only occurring in decades past.

Rape and a violent, destructive and abusive course of conduct used in order to force sexual intercourse on a trusting child is what occurred.

However, the more benign word "molestation," denoting unwanted, annoying, pestering of a child with sexual attentions, apparently, is the preferred term of Catholic leadership currently being fanned out in the media.

A Catholic Church spokesman on Fox News whined that in Ireland church attendance has fallen off by some 60 percent! I wonder why.

Those priests, bishops, and cardinals hiding in bureaucratic church cracks, while continuing to protect their sexually deviant criminal cohorts, like any other co-conspirator, should go directly to jail.

It's painful to think about the harm done to the most vulnerable among Catholic worshipers. Makes me throw up in the back of my mouth a little.


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