Letters to the Editor

May 14, 2013

Kimberly Chesser: Mother nurtured family gift of music

I hope the Sun-Star will print my letter of appreciation to my 83-year-old mother for introducing me to a lifelong love of classical music. When I was a child, she would set aside a half hour, four to five days a week, for me to sit down beside my 1960 box turntable (Standing on four legs, remember them, anyone?) and listen alternatively to some of my 15 or 45 rpm records of the "classics." Verdi had a picture on the label of a blacksmith wielding a hammer at the anvil; Charles Gounod's "March of the Marionettes" pictured puppets being dangled.

At the time, I viewed these sessions with a mixture of boredom and irritation but also interest. I brought my two boys up listening to those scratchy 45s and now one is a professional drummer and the other is in the music industry. My granddaughter, too, enjoyed them and now is a freshman in college studying music-related courses. Hearing Alfred Hitchcock's theme brings these memories to the fore again. I would like to say thank you to Mother (a Sun-Star subscriber and an avid reader) for starting three generations on a musical path.



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