Letters to the Editor

June 14, 2013

Ken Mackie: Motorist probably saved toddler

Recently at twilight a car heading towards me on a residential street flashed its headlights at me. I checked. My lights were on.

Then the car did a U-turn, right in front of me. I figured the driver must be lost and rude.

The car poked along, slowly, before coming to a stop, blocking my way.

I slowed and stopped behind it, starting to think of passing. Then the passenger door opened and a woman got out.

Just ahead of the car, a toddler was sitting in the street. The woman picked up the child and carried it to the house it was sitting in front of, while the driver of the car waved me on by.

Thank you, whomever you are, for taking the time to turn around, to obstruct traffic, and quite possibly save the life of a small child.



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