Letters to the Editor

June 29, 2013

Jean Okuye: Let's give credit where credit is due

First of all, thank you, Merced Organizing Project, which organized a forum where four candidates running for Merced City Council — Kevin Blake, Jana Mowr, Josh Pedrozo and Chris Ramirez — spoke June 20.

Community togetherness was mentioned many times. But the message I got from Josh Pedrozo during the forum was the city, not the community, was responsible for the swim lesson program being provided at McNamara Park in South Merced and Merced High School.

From what I understand swim lessons will be available at a reduced rate, $10 for eight lessons per session because of the generous donation by Flip Hassett, long-time community supporter, in the name of his granddaughter who recently drowned. Other organizations, I understand, pitched in.

Since I have a passion all people should have the opportunity to learn to swim, I told Flip I would share the information of the classes available at a reduced price while I manned a booth at the county fair. Many people told me they were grateful to learn about this. Credit, it seems to me, goes to the Flip Hassett family and organizations that pitched in to support the learn to swim program.



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