David Allen: In fond memory of the Sunspot

07/03/2013 10:30 PM

07/03/2013 10:33 PM

I can only think of the surprised looks on people's faces when trying to sign on to the Sun-Star Sunspot Forum and coming up with a 404 error (page not found).

It's sad that a few people had to take it so far as to have a fun part of local interaction shut down for everyone last month.

It obvious to see how the mean-spirited opinions of the few can ruin a great feedback tool for the newspaper and form of interaction through dialog for many readers.

Perhaps now the warnings will mean something to those who only know how to spew hate and otherwise offer only negativity in their posts.

I enjoyed nearly daily interaction on the Sunspot in 2010-2011. It was disheartening to have to limit my exposure to the negativity produced by the minority of posters since that time.

To see the many warnings by forum administrators to those few "neg-heads" go unheeded makes it appear that in fact a few bad apples do indeed spoil the whole barrel!

How wonderful it would be to one day see the return of the Sunspot, sans the negativity, of course.



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