Frances Sanders: Pipelines the answer

07/06/2013 1:57 AM

07/06/2013 1:57 AM

It seems to me that there is one important thing that we could do in order to solve the problem of drought here and flooding there. This would take the cooperation of all Americans, including large businesses and educated and determined engineers, it would also draw on the ingenuity of free thinkers who had the ability to dream of building railroads, affording electricity for all, erecting huge dams like the Hoover Dam and curing Polio.

We could build pipelines, similar to the electrical grids that span the United States, so when one area is flooded, the water can be shipped to a drought area. If we move the water over mountains, a dam could be installed in order to produce electricity for the surrounding area. If a pipe burst, it would not be gooey and nasty to repair it and the soil and plants would not be damaged.

This sounds complicated, but the other things I have listed, including going to the moon sounded impossible before it was accomplished.



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