Letters to the Editor

July 7, 2013

Jack Mobley: Hobby Lobby's stand appreciated

I was humbled Thursday morning when I opened the Sun-Star and found the full page ad run by Hobby Lobby outlining just a few examples of the true history behind the founding of our country.

Watching the dealings between the government and Hobby Lobby over the issue of abortion and the owners' commitment to biblical truth has given me a deep appreciation for that organization. Their example is one which is encouraging and compelling.

Christians need to get off the sidelines and become involved in all avenues of public discourse with the understanding our actions have eternal consequences. We can influence our society and government at all levels and we have a duty to do so. I encourage the reading and rereading of the ad Hobby Lobby put in the Sun-Star, the thoughtful contemplation of the import of those few examples of the true history of the founding of our country.



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