Letters to the Editor

July 9, 2013

ENSMINGER: Health care could have been simple

The Affordable Care Act may be complicated, but requiring businesses to provide health insurance isn't one of them. Increasing the Medicare tax to cover every citizen and legal resident would have been simple. Medicare would cover everyone and their children no matter where they work.

Individuals, employers or Medicaid could provide supplemental insurance for what Medicare does not cover. No one would be required to remain a pauper for Medicaid or limit their income to maintain insurance subsidies, a requirement that may affect up to 80 percent of residents in the Central Valley.

Seniors with Medicare and soldiers with Tricare are the most satisfied groups, but too many Americans are hobbled with the illusion government can't do anything right. In reality we get the government we expect and deserve — the same principle any good employer, supervisor or teacher knows.



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