Sam Matthews: Zimmerman good guy in this case

07/16/2013 11:24 PM

07/17/2013 12:35 AM

Regarding the Trayvon Martin case, I would like to point out a few things most people want to overlook. They're commonly referred to as facts.

1) Trayvon displayed racism not Zimmerman. Trayvon called him a racist name.

2) There's nothing wrong with seeing a suspicious person in your neighborhood and confronting them. Usually those are called good Samaritans, good guys or heroes. He wasn't acting as a vigilante but as a concerned citizen.

3) Trayvon was the bad guy, the instigator. He threw the first punch. George Zimmerman clearly had a broken nose. A broken nose is not an insignificant injury.

4) In order to convict they had to prove he was not afraid for his life the moment he shot Trayvon. The "stand your ground law" is a moot point. It has to do with trying to retreat before using deadly force. Law or no law, it's hard to retreat with someone on top of you beating your face.

Not guilty was the correct verdict. Talk of suing Zimmerman in civil court is wrong. He was found not guilty.

Parents are legally responsible for their kids until they're 18 so maybe Martin's parents should be sued to cover Zimmerman's medical bills and pain and suffering.



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