Letters to the Editor

July 20, 2013

Kathy Mills: The growing cost of firefighting

They say that a law passed in 2011 is meant to offset the growing cost of firefighting. Who should be targeted for this unfair tax? The people who start the fires.

Last year, my neighbor and I had to speak to another neighbor and tell him not to mow at noon in tall, dry grass on a very hot day.

There are a lot of prevention signs that tell you not to mow or weed after 10 a.m.

Who are these supporters, who have an extra $150 lying around and think money is just to pay for firefighting? Only a small portion helps with prevention and the rest goes into a general fund.

Why should people who live in a state response area be charged, when California has earthquakes, mudslides, tsunamis and floods? I believe the state insurance companies should approach each case and determine who's guilty. If you have the required clearance, that means you are complying with the law.



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