Letters to the Editor

July 30, 2013

Randy Foxworthy: Shooter not charged?

In response to the shooting death of 17-year-old Bidal Taito: I would like to know why the shooter has not been arrested for negligent homicide.

As a responsible gun owner, I know — and anyone who has obtained instruction in firearm use knows — that you do not fire at a person you cannot see. If I, in the defense of my home, were to fire at an intruder and miss, and one of my bullets went through a door or a wall and struck and killed or injured someone, even an accomplice to the intruder, I would be held accountable.

For some reason, and I am wondering if it is the shooter's connection to the Los Banos Police Department, this shooter has not been arrested. How did he know it was someone trying to break in to his home and not a friend or relative just pounding on his door?

This person needs to be charged and the police department needs to be audited for the favoritism it is showing to employees (past or present) and their families. Let the shooter have his day in court and let the family of Bidal know that everyone in this city will be treated equally.


Los Banos

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