Letters to the Editor

August 3, 2013

Tim Karr: Phoniest of them all

Once again, our lead-from-behind president is passing the buck with his blaming someone or something else for his (as he calls them) phony scandals. Just think about it, phony scandals like border agent Brian Terry being killed with our own guns. Ambassador Chris Stevens, two brave Navy Seals and a State Department official murdered in Benghazi as Obama prepared for a Las Vegas campaign speech. Phony scandals like the IRS targeting of Tea Party patriots and other likeminded Americans during the height of the election campaign. Phony scandals like the NSA logging your phone calls for future uses against you. Well Mr. Obama phony is as phony does and, of all the presidents I have known, you are the phoniest of them all. Is this the change you voted for America?



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