Pat Trieweiler: Putin: U.S. foreign policy czar?

09/14/2013 12:47 AM

09/14/2013 12:47 AM

The White House has given the OK to arm the so-called moderate rebels in Syria. In the meantime, John Kerry is meeting with Russian officials about Putin’s plan to remove chemical weapons from Syria. At the same time, Russia continues to supply the Assad government with weapons.

Leading from behind creates strange bedfellows. For President Obama it’s Vladimir Putin. Putin wants to broker a plan to remove chemical weapons, as long as Assad stays in power. Maybe our president can reward Putin a czar position if he relieves the world of Syrian gas. Who runs our foreign policy these days?

Our foreign policy is comparable to picking daisies. I will strike him, I will not, I will strike him, I will not. ...

I do see a window of opportunity in delaying this very, very small missile strike. This might give our president and lawmakers a chance to refocus on creating a balanced budget and tackling the huge national debt. Maybe they can even take this time before hitting the golf course and various fund-raisers to come up with a farm bill.

One can only hope.



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