Letters to the Editor

September 23, 2013

Maryann McKissick: 3 recommendations for Merced City Council

Three recommendations for the Merced City Council:

First, please vote for Chris Ramirez for Merced City Council on Nov. 5 or when mailing your absentee ballot. Chris is a committed CASA volunteer and appointed continuing faculty member at UC Merced. His wisdom and insight are needed to forge mutually beneficial solutions and solidify advantageous community relationships as we grow together.

Second, I urge you to vote for incumbent Josh Pedrozo, a Merced native and educator, devoted to family, faith and community. He helped lead Merced through its recent economic crisis. His experience, determination and resolve earned Josh respect of his colleagues and community groups.

Third, please vote for Kevin Blake, whose know-how and skill performing undercover work infiltrating drug gangs uniquely equips him to succeed. His practiced, common-sense approach to difficult situations affirms that Kevin can maintain level-headed, focused ability while dealing with city government.

What a stellar, forward-thinking coalition of problem-solvers these men will make! Their fresh energy combined with ample credentials are the exact shot in the arm Merced needs.



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