John Riis-Christensen: More guns, less crime

10/04/2013 7:27 PM

10/04/2013 7:28 PM

By listening to the gun control advocates and the Obama administration, one would think that violent crime levels were out of sight compared to past decades. As usual, they are wrong. The latest FBI crime statistics show that violent crime has greatly declined. We noticed that the media and the administration have been deafeningly silent on this information.

With gun ownership in this country at an all-time high, one would think, according to the anti-gun crowd, violent crimes would be running rampant. That is not the case. The FBI’s national crime report shows the rate of homicides in which firearms were used has dropped by 50 percent.

Mass shootings seem to be on the rise. There is a theory that the large number of public areas such as schools, military bases and other areas that are “gun-free zones” is a contributing factor. Most of the people who commit these crimes have mental problems, but they know in the gun-free zones it is unlikely than anybody will shoot back. It seems that the old adage of “more guns, less crime” applies here.

– John Riis-Christensen, Atwater

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