Paul de Landa: Sports success, life success

10/11/2013 9:32 PM

10/11/2013 9:33 PM

Sports success, life success

Much can be said for young people who achieve and accomplish in and out of the classroom in the neediest county in the nation.

My purpose is not to demean nor diminish the good qualities of your county but to applaud the eight coaches who have devoted 12 years of their lives in making playing football a heckuva learning experience and a fistful of pride and self-esteem in the parents, the school and the community.

I went to Le Grand High when going to school and participating in sports was a losing proposition. Today, these kids, the school and parents are winners. I have attended more than 10 games and have watched the interaction among coaches, players and parents. Wow! They’re all winners!

The coaching staff, players and parents are to be applauded for building a winning tradition and eradicating the loser image in kids who are so deserving of every accolade and achievement.

It is my hope that winning on the football field will also be carried over into academic accomplishment and a greater potential in the social, economic and intellectual life of these young people.



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