Edward B. Freeman, M.D.: Dental care starts with parents

10/25/2013 9:07 PM

10/25/2013 9:08 PM

This is in response to the article about the 10 percent cutback in payments for dental work on children in certain clinics: The real culprit is the lack of knowledge on the part of the caregivers about how to avoid cavities in the first place.

There has to be a certain deep-seated desire on the part of the parents to avoid having cavities in the teeth of their children in the first place. For starters the infant, if he or she is not being breastfed, should never be put to bed with the bottle. This will lead to cavities quickly.

No soft drinks or drinks with chocolate in them should be given to an infant, and this concept should continue for as long as possible.

Robert H. Lustig, M.D., a professor at UCSF, teaches that fructose is the cause of diabetes type II, obesity, fatty liver disease and a condition called the metabolic syndrome. So not only should parents be avoiding bottles in bed and sugary or chocolate drinks for their infants and children, the parents should also become label readers and avoid regular consumption of fructose, according to Dr. Lustig.

I hope Lustig’s findings will lead to his receiving some kind of major award as time goes on.



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