Letters to the Editor

November 11, 2013

Paul De Landa: Best wishes from alumnus

My quest is, ever the same, the achievement of young people everywhere but especially in Merced County wherein I learned to read Steinbeck, Shakespeare and Langston Hughes, García Lorca, Jean-Paul Sartre, Faust, Dante and Kierkegaard years later.

Much later, these humble beginnings of one-room schools at Pioneer and Plainsburg schools took me to universities far and near and made it possible for me to study, work and live in other cultures and languages and savor paella, escargots and ceviche.

Yes, all of this and much more is possible to all young people who have dedicated taskmasters at hand to show the way, to encourage and be an example to them. And, lo and behold, there are eight coaches who prod their chargers at every play by nurturing their self-esteem and capabilities.

The outcome of the Ripon-Le Grand slugfest is very important, but, regardless of the outcome, this team, its coaches and parents are winners and most proud of their achievements.

As an old alum, je vous souhaite mes meilleurs voeux, mis mejores deseos and my best wishes.



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