Letters to the Editor

November 15, 2013

Garth Wright: Opinions not very varied

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Odious or enlightened, they should stand the test of public scrutiny. However, having opinions does not mean hogging the soap box. It seems that with marked frequency, letters to the editor contain the submissions of one particular person sounding off on various subjects.

There are other opinions in the area, some which run counter to some of this person’s submissions. I know; I have tried but can’t get a word in edgewise. One gets extremely tired of hearing the opposition mantra that “It’s all Obama’s fault.” Reasoned argument and critical thinking appear to have been replaced by invective and unreasonable vilification of one’s opponents. It is a sad reflection on our current attitude toward manners, morality and the mutual respect so necessary for a truly democratic society. But then one must consider that this a condition that some people desperately wish to prevent.

Sad, isn’t it.



Editor’s Note: The Sun-Star’s general practice is to allow a letter writer one published letter every two weeks.

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