Letters to the Editor

November 20, 2013

Rita Silva: Obamacare is not the answer

Since “Obamacare” was passed, all that we have heard from this administration is how wonderful it is and how great it will be for the country. Then why isn’t the president’s family, members of Congress and their families going on it? If it isn’t good enough for the people who passed it in the middle of the night without bipartisan support, it isn’t good enough for anyone.

The only people that will benefit from it are the ones who do not have to pay for it. Did our health care system need fixing? Of course. But Obamacare creates more problems than it fixes. Obamacare will destroy our middle class. Many have already lost their coverage and costs will double, or even triple. Only an idiot would think that this is good for the country.


Los Banos

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