Sherry Newington: Merced College is a great choice

12/09/2013 4:42 PM

12/09/2013 4:44 PM

When most hear Merced College’s quality discussed, it can sound mostly negative. As a biology and art major, I am writing to express my love and appreciation of the passionate professors, deans and counselors, and all the programs they offer.

Yes, the cafeteria’s food is generic; you’ll find an immature student in every class, and I, too, have struggled with those few teachers who are not very good. Besides the few downsides to Merced College, it offers passionate professors who will go to any length to make sure you understand their classes. They also offer one-on-one tutoring at the tutor center. And this service is free! There’s no shame in admitting that I have gone many times.

Many of the tough science and math courses offer supplemental instruction, which is guided by previous A or B students. The student often can also be found in the tutor center.

I am not saying that classes at the college are easy. It takes a dedicated student to get through them all. But don’t let naysayers bring you down. Merced College is a great choice for college, and if you refuse to let yourself fail, then Merced College won’t let you either.

Thanks to Mrs. Dawson (chemistry), Mrs. Jordan, Zaya and John (physics), and all the student tutors, this right-brained artist just might have a home in sciences after all!



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