Hayley Lawrence: Find the true meaning of Christmas

12/17/2013 5:18 PM

12/17/2013 5:19 PM

The smell of the fresh-cut tree in my living room and the sight of the flickering lights all around the neighborhood get me thinking about how close Christmas is. Just next week, Santa will be delivering presents all around the world. As I wrote down my list of what I want this year, I start to think about how people, such as myself, forget the real values and real meaning of Christmas. For many, it’s a way of thanking and celebrating Jesus Christ or a way of celebrating the coming together of family and friends, but Christmas has been adulterated with the passing of generations. In this yearly season, I have been greedy and extremely selfish and it’s not only me; I have seen this all around me, like friends, family and random kids I see in stores, pointing out everything they want. It makes me realize how oblivious we are to the real meaning and how we don’t appreciate what we have. We just want more.

I am disappointed in myself for being so caught up in what I want than in recognizing what I already have and why we come together. This inspired me to just drop my list and focus on the ones I love and the ones I’m lucky to have because, in the end, these people will always be there. And that’s my meaning for Christmas. I hope that more people focus on the real meaning and not what they hope to find under the tree.



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