Letters to the Editor

December 27, 2013

Samantha Cox: Don’t forget extended family

Having a pet is basically having another family member. They need care just like every other living thing. A pet needs shots and food; a big part of having a pet is providing love, almost like a child. We have pets and they are not just pets, but members of our family.

When dogs and cats are seen on the streets, it breaks our hearts. Trying to imagine all the obstacles that animal must go through to survive is unreal, with some cars intentionally speeding up to hit them, or, if left long enough, starvation. Some just wander off on their own, yes, but that’s why there are ID tags and microchips. They can help track down your pet so that if found, it can be returned to you.

They are a part of your family, so treat them as so. Care for your pets properly because they are helpless animals who need your love and care to survive.



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